Private Art Lessons - ONLINE

Private Art Lessons - ONLINE

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Are you ready to improve your painting skills from the comfort of your home? Are you ready to have a private art lesson? Michelle will tailor lessons that match your skill level and goals. Let's focus on what you need to learn. Instruction for painting lessons can revolve around materials, composition, how to start a painting, techniques, color mixing, application, and core concepts.

Online private art lessons are a learning option that will put you in a live video conference with Michelle. They will be recorded for you and you will be sent to lesson to view as often as you wish.

Choose to begin your private lesson journey by picking your subject matter and materials. Michelle specializes in oils and acrylic and offers private lessons in these mediums at this time. Students must provide their own materials for online private lessons.

Adults only at this time.

Michelle will reach out to you and schedule your private lesson after you register.

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