Commission a painting today!

I am now offering to create exclusive one of a kind commissioned paintings.  I would be honored to create a commissioned landscape painting, seascape painting, wave painting, dancer mixed media painting or figure mixed media painting in my style based on your vision.

Commissioning a painting is a unique opportunity for acquiring an original painting made just for you.  You also get to be apart of the creative process!

How to commission a painting:

To get started please call or email me to start the discussion about your ideas, vision and requirements for your painting.  I am happy to discuss your specific ideas that you have related to your commission. After we discuss the parameters and a deposit is secured, I will paint a study or two to make sure we are on the same page before I paint your commission.  This ensures that the end result will be what you envisioned and will have the look and feel that you were expecting.  Typically the process takes about 2-6 weeks depending on the size and commission backlog. 

Contact me today by calling 949-357-0297 or emailing me through the contact form.  Looking forward to hearing from you!