Art Classes and Workshops

Art Classes and Workshops

Hello Artists! Would you like to take an art class? Are you ready to start learning how to create your own artwork?  I hope we can open back up safely soon, I would love to teach in person live.  In the meantime connect with me in the online wave and seascape painting class.

NEW ONLINE ART CLASSES! Seascape and Waves!!!! Sign up for my newsletter to get the next open to register date. Currently it is closed. Opening up again soon!

I am recording more classes to put online.  Please stay in touch.  Easiest way is to join my newsletter.

NEWS: Open Market OC is still closed.

The Sawdust Art Festival is still trying to open for the summer.  Even if we are safely able to open, they have announced that there will be no in person classes this summer.

I enjoy teaching and would love for you to join me in a fun and friendly atmosphere! I am thrilled with the success my students achieve with each class. I teach at Open Market OC and the Sawdust Art Festival all year long. Available are group classes, private classes, corporate events, and private art parties. Contact me for more information about scheduling a special class.

***If you are interested in updated information about my art classes, I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter so that you always get notified of newly added art classes ***

Art Class FAQ