* Sawdust Art Festival News! *

* Sawdust Art Festival News!  *

Lottery Number LUCK!

Oh Happy Day! I got a fabulous number in the Sawdust lottery!  My best number ever #111. That means that I will be the 111th person to pick their booth.  We start with number one and go to about 189.  This is usually a stressful day for the artists at the Sawdust.  What booth should I pick? What are my top 5?  The strategy of it all and the unknown. Will one of my top 5 still be available when it's my turn? If not, what are my next choices? Many walks around the grounds and many checks on the availability map.  Then your number is called, and you have 5 minutes to decide! The pressure!!! I am so excited and thrilled with my number, I cannot wait until booth pick day on May 5th.  We will start booth building on May 6th.

Summer is feeling much closer now!