* Grateful & Thankful! *

* Grateful & Thankful! *

Happy Thanksgiving Art Lovers,

The Holidays are fast approaching! What are you thankful for? I am grateful for you joining me on my ArtLife journey!

This is why I’m thankful for you this year...

You are GREAT encouragers!
Your encouragement, kind words, and exuberance in joining in my art classes along with your art acquisitions have truly enhanced my life. 

You are FANTASTIC Cheerleaders!
My life is enriched with every interaction with each of you.  I appreciate all of you that tell me that you are reading my newsletters, writing me back or the best yet are those who show up because you read a post on FB, IG or a Newsletter. Thank you for cheering me on in my marketing efforts.  It means the world to me.

You are a BLESSING!
I am so grateful, thankful and blessed by you and hope that my art touches you as you do me.